The Sato Project

Christina Beckles is a fighter. she is a champion amateur boxer, who fights to save and rescue abandoned dogs on Puerto Rico’s Dead Dog Beach. This is a place where unwanted dogs are dumped to die.

I belong to an unofficial community of animal lovers on FaceBook, and it is there that I became aware of Chrissy Beckles and her great work.

In the organizations own words—

“We concentrate our rescue on a place known as Dead Dog Beach. As its name states, it is usually a last resting place for dogs, and it is not a happy one. No dog walks to Dead Dog Beach – it is at the end of a long road with no residences – they are dumped there. There is no food or fresh water on the beach. We are the dogs’ only source of food, fresh water, and most importantly, love, on a daily basis.

We take our rescue mission very seriously. Rescuing dogs means more than just pulling them off a beach or the streets. We are dedicated to each and every one of our dogs and we want to give them the greatest chance in life. After what they have been through, what they have witnessed, we never want them to suffer again.

The Sato Project is making permanent change in Puerto Rico. We encourage you to join us.”

I encourage you to join them!

Photo by Myritza Castillo

The Sato Project